Technology has been both friend and foe, as I’m sure is the case with you.  It is duplicitous in that it has improved my general efficiency, but has also been inconvenient when it decides not to work.  Though technology has improved many things in our society at large, it has hindered true, biblical communication between two parties face to face.  This is a problem, as a mere 7% of our total communication involves words.

I write this in the middle of a fast from Facebook.  Social networking sites are great in that they enable me to communicate with many friends I would otherwise not be able to communicate with, but I tend (as many others do) to spend inordinate amounts of time on them.  Obviously, I’m not on a complete technology fast (as evidenced by this post).  I still have Twitter and MySpace to fall back on, but Facebook is my ultimate poison.  I decided to fast from it in order to free myself up a bit more to discover God’s will in certain matters.  Already, it’s working.  I am about as certain as I can be about the graduate school I will pursue, and becoming more sure about changing church bodies.

Fasting, ultimately, is a good thing to do when seeking God’s will. The Bible confirms this.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to fast from food.  For me, that would be a terrible idea, as I am somewhat prone to fainting.  The act of fasting from various things may be helpful in your life, too.  I have a friend who fasted from chocolate for a time, as it was somewhat of a vice for her.  If I were to do that, it would be hardly any different from my normal life because I have no attachment to chocolate.  Some may benefit from fasting from television, food, shopping…things as many and sundry as the 6.5 billion people on the planet.

For me, a somewhat low-tech life is best for a time.  As you will probably discover in future posts, I am a bit of a Star Wars fan, and I compare this time to the situation in Return of the Jedi. The Ewoks were incredibly low-tech, but helped the Rebel Alliance achieve victory over the evil Galactic Empire (a group that had the best technology available, incidentally).

For me, this fast is helping me to achieve a spiritual victory, one that I may not have gotten as neatly otherwise. Maybe you will likewise discover that sometimes, low-tech is best.  At any rate, I wish you all the best in any fast you may undertake.