This is more just me thinking out loud here than anything prescriptive, and I hope nothing I say here is taken offensively.  These are just my thoughts. 

A few short years ago, the 6 billionth person was born on this planet.  I remember seeing commercials about it on television.  It was in South America somewhere.  At any rate, according to the Census Bureau’s population clock, we’re now at 6.8 billion.  Now, with the world’s current rate of growth and the power of technology/availability of resources, we can *reasonably* sustain anywhere from 12-15 billion people.  I say reasonably because it would take a massive shift in rates of consumption (ahem…America and Western countries) to sustain the lives of everyone on the planet. 

Already, we are doing a terrible job of sustaining even the 6.8 billion on the planet now.  Famine is widespread, greed is broadcast throughout, and within the next century or so when the population hits what could conceivably be called “critical mass,” we’ll be left sifting through the detritus of our shattered lives and poor stewardship.

I’ve always been an advocate of adoption, and I think more and more that I would do that just based on rates of overpopulation. Plus, as I work in the social services industry, I see plenty of kids who are in desperate need of parents. When the time comes, I may consider it more fully. 

For now, however, what are we doing (read: what am I doing) to curb my consumption and be a good steward of my resources?  There may come a time when I will not have all that I currently possess.  Maybe I should start learning to live without in the present moment, and spend more time helping those who are currently in poverty.