As a recovering cynic, I’ve been forced to make some changes in my opinions, as I’m sure happens with many people.  I grew jaded with the Church over the years–hated the hypocrisy, disdained the legalism, abhorred the fact that friendships could be lost due to nonconformity with practices that were accepted on the basis of tradition while overlooking value.  For a time, I couldn’t call myself a Christian because of it.  After all, Christianity is a word fraught with meaning, much of it unappealing.  I therefore deduced that completely scrapping the word while maintaining the essence of Christ-worship was the best option, and refrained from describing myself as a Christian.

“Christian” is a word, and like everything else, can be made better through people actively making amends for the atrocities committed in the name of Christ.  Sadly, we have a lot of ground to cover.  But Christians are the people God has chosen to call His children, and if He hasn’t abandoned us, why would we abandon each other?  How could we possibly do such a thing in good conscience?

I’m reading a book called “In His Steps,” and it’s all about making a commitment to think about every action you commit, and decide if Jesus would commit the same action.  If we would simply align ourselves with His ministry of love, we could do so much more.  I refuse to abandon Christianity.

I do, however, accept the challenge to do my small part and make it better.