Not too long ago, I took up the spiritual discipline of writing my own Psalms.  If you ever have an urge to do the same, I suggest you give in–the process has been invaluable.  Here are a few of the ones I’ve written:

M Psalm 1

Oh God, the nature of daylight is You

Stealing over night’s territory by degrees

Drowning out lesser lights with Your grand luminosity

Painting over the darkness with vivid colors

The birds wake from their rest and sing passionately,

Reveling in the glory of another day

And another breached horizon.

Sweet warmth dispels the coldness,

Not with a shout or suddenness,

But quietly, a still, small voice

Speaks calmly and slowly in the fading stars,

Light clouds, and orange skies.

How quiet is Your voice, but how vast its effects!

Such humility in the sunrise, so silent, but in the silence so loud!

Your promise is over all the land, and it is Your promise to conquer night.

The conquering has already taken place, yet daily You remind us

Of the reality that night always dies with the sun.

Son…You are my favorite star.

M Psalm 2

In You, help is never in short supply

In the deep of the night, I call to You in distress.

You never fail to answer my cries for mercy.

It seems fitting to talk to You in the night

For I notice in the darkness that You penetrate more deeply

And I am more in awe of Your light.

It is in the darkness of the desert that the stars shine the clearest

And so it is when You penetrate my depths.

You have turned my darkness into light,

My mourning into gladness,

My fear into love.

Continually You turn me and mould me into one who seeks You more,

Shaping me into a vessel of grace.

In those times I burn in the refining fire, I cry out for Your help.

You cool my soul and bring refreshment in Your streams of peace,

And give relief.

At times I fear the fire, but know You are with me

As You were with Shadrach, Meschach, and Abed-nego.

You have never failed, and never will,

And my confidence is only in You,

Your mercy, Your love, Your grace.

May I live in enjoyment of those qualities for all time,

Continually plumbing the depths of who You are,

Rejoicing that I will never see the end.

M Psalm 3

You who own all things

Teach me to relinquish all into Your capable hands

For there is nothing I have that grace has not given me

That Your love has not supplied

That Your bounty has not offered

Forgive me for the times that I fear to ask for bread

Because I sometimes expect a stone

And the times I ask for fish and am fearful of gaining a snake

Oh LORD, teach me to trust in Your love

And in that trust, surrender all to Your grace