Today I graduated from college.  It’s still a bit surreal, but it’s such an amazing feeling!  If you know me personally, you know exactly what has happened in the seven years it’s taken me to graduate.  I’ve changed majors several times, even going so far as to be a triple major at one point.  I’ve gone to three different colleges, and I took a two-year hiatus from school.  In the midst of all this, there were several major painful hurdles that needed crossing, and I’ve emerged from this process a completely different person from when I began (having become a new believer in Christ during that time, I’m a new creation entirely).

I’m not telling you all this to toot my own proverbial horn, but I want to tell you there will always be obstacles in the way of your dreams and plans.  It’s a fact of life, but you simply have to keep going.  It’s not even about the fact that you may accomplish what you desire.  I’m glad (and relieved) to be where I am now, and in the extreme.  However, I’m every bit as glad for what got me here in the first place–even the pain.

Everything can be broken, and everything can be redeemed.  That is the beautiful truth (truth being beauty itself) of the path.

Today, I see it with fresh eyes and a grateful heart.