“Indeed the idols I have loved so long have done my credit in men’s eye much wrong: have drown’d my honour in a shallow cup, and sold my reputation for a song.”  ~Omar Khayyam, “The Rubaiyat”


I’m working on an assignment for my 506 Ethics class.  100 consequences for sexual sin.  Yes, it’s daunting.  But even though I’m squeezing plenty of ideas out of the crevices in my brain, it occurs to me that 100 consequences don’t even scratch the surface.  And this is “just” sexual sin.  I can only imagine what the true ramifications are of any transgression.


That’s just one of the problems with sin–it blinds us to its true effects, like an insidious virus that convinces the body to attack itself from the inside out.  Sometimes I remember how miserable my sin can make me and others, and it’s preventive.  Would that we remembered this more!