It’s been a while since I’ve attempted poetry, so here’s a sad something: 


Although the sun is up and running

Little of life appears to be stunning

and real faith is truly rewarding

as I’m told by the gospel of saint someone

the name keeps fading

as I’m bugged by the incessant grating of the ceiling fan that clicks all summer

like a tachycardic jazzy drummer that tries my patience

and loosens my concentration

ah but God — take pity on me

though my Deity might be a simple somebody

carrying a light bulb

is there a silver lining?

somewhere is the sun shining?

Somewhere, is someone jamming to Barbra Streisand and the way we were

All failures and connoisseurs of ill-fated love?

no, there’s a heavy heart that gets no lighter

a low in life you won’t get over

there’s a spell of sorrow I’m under

like I’m filled with the hopes and tomorrows

of a blind woman who lives in doubt

and wonders if the sun went out

if it’s just a midnight that never passes

In a black scene wearing black sunglasses

Maybe someday spring will call

things will change, oppressors will fall

And while I wait for joyous laughter

while I wait for death’s disaster and a sweet hereafter

while I wait for a midlife crisis

where death dons cheap disguises

I’ll count my blessings in the shadows

this is the last song I can sing

and will it put you to sleep tonight?

like when the humans play with muppets

guest-starring in a world of puppets

I’m the odd one out but fit right in where all the wicked cool dreams begin

in which I’m cast as the American president

your friend and personal spokesman

an apprentice of idiocy and heartlessness

but my heart is really digging this

and I’m blessed with a silly stupid smile of great empower

like if Macbeth had a Disney hour

I’m God’s downtrodden distant cousin

with a history that taught me little if nothing

I’m difficult to tell the truth to

all soft winds that whistle through

inoculated to the criticisms

I’m all giant ears that cannot listen

All the satire and dark sarcasm can’t deter my enthusiasm

I won’t miss the hate

instead I’d like to do the right thing but not at this minute

You’ll have to study and know me before

and look into my eyes

straight into my eyes

they’re soft and green

with the mellow sheen of moss

And obscene in dealing with a loss

this is the last song I can sing

and will it put you to sleep tonight?

I know the score like Annie Oakley from the Wild West

and maybe I’ll sing a dirge as the sun sets

because the sun sets on all that we know

sets on all that we love

sets on all that knits the world together

All the stillness, all the wild weather

A face, bare with sweetness

All lovely things that make life worthwhile

a touch, perhaps the scope of a smile

I’m home, oh home where the heart is

Arrhythmic in a beauty sleep

there’s no fragile beauty we can keep

only a swan song that sings on and on

this is the last song I can sing

will it put you to sleep tonight?